Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fraudsters' Parliament - 28

I received an electoral leaflet from an independent candidate in the forthcoming general election.
He is a candidate who was born in the constituency - now there's a novelty in the UK political system!
He also makes a number of pledges - (Yes..... I know they ALL do!) but check these out;-

'I will donate 10% of my parliamentary income to local charity for the duration of my term as a Member of Parliament for Ellesmere Port and Neston.

I will not employ any member of my family in the constituency office locally or at Westminster.

I will act solely in the public interest as specified within the seven principles of public life in spirit and compliance (Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership).

I will not gain personal benefit or gifts in kind other than those which are intended to be passed over in their entirety to the benefit of the community with no gain to myself, family or friends.

I will provide regular and open access to the people I serve to make full use of  my services and to hold me to account by regular and confidential surgeries, public forums and by other electronic means to meet the needs of the people served.

I will uphold the principles of freedom of  information  and openness at all times and encourage others to scrutinise inappropriate activities of public concern.

I will protect and uphold the principles of the rule of law, respect for all people, valuing and protecting their human rights, property, freedom of expression and democracy'

Should these not apply to EVERY  MP in what is becoming known as this 'Fraudsters' Parliament'?
You know how cynical I am concerning politicians but this person is probably getting my vote in the next General Election. I do not believe that a parliament full of  'Independents' is the answer to the UK's problems in the long term but current MPs need to be given an unmistakeable lesson .......... and they need it now!

Check out the website;-

How does this candidate compare to your local candidate. Let me know in the comments section of my blog.

Update:  28th February 2010

Received a reply to my email thanking this candidate for his leaflet...... within 24 hours! ...Yes I know I usually state that politicians don't listen! ...... let alone take the time to reply!!

Coming Soon!
As there appear to be no FURTHER disclosures re: MPs' expenses claims in the pipeline, I intend to upload some of the documentation I have sent/received re:  the MPs' expenses scandal. I will try to get the first 'instalment' uploaded by Friday! So, if you are interested in how a humble citizen can ask questions of the great and the good (spelled  'F..R..A..U..D..U..L..E..N..T') ... (or if you are just interested in what other people and/or institutions write to each other!) .. keep visiting this blog!

Have a great week!

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