Friday, 17 October 2014

The Fraudsters' Parliament! - The Sequel! (Bribes Optional!) 65

T'would appear to be business as usual down at Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle and the neighbouring hamlet of Much Fiddling-Beneath-The-Ermine in our particular banana republic!

Just a reminder!

Evidence of politically protected child abuse by those with 'MP' after their given name ..... and 'Lord' before same  ........................has ..... er .... 'been  mislaid'!!!!!!!!!!

There was an attempt to select a relative of one onf the Tories somewhat responsible for NOT earlier chasing this up ........ but the Sheeple got wind of the plot and another relative had to be chosen as a 'safe pair of hands'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Scots, ....... still in a swoon about the 'leaking' of the new Royal sprog in the making .... and who actually  BELIEVED Cameron Minor's .... 'promises', ..... er ..... 'pledges' ..... er ....... 'undertakings' .... about DEVO MAX...... are well on the path to realising that they have, in fact, been CONned!

The somewhat shady individual, ..... who just happened to be Osborn Minimus' 'best man' at his wedding ..... trousered shedloads of taxpayers' money for 'arranging' the carpetbagging that was the selling off of the Post Office .... (at a knockdown price!) .... to Tory cronies in the 'Financial Underworld'

One private school has broken ranks and actually admitted that it has been used to launder the money of organised crime! (And this time I do NOT mean the UK political ... er ....system!)

Public Schools, such as Eton et al., are STILL deemed ,   ...... for taxation purposes ..... to be 'charity' schools! Gawd! They make the Tory con trick that was The Atlantic Bridge look almost 'kosher'!!!!!!

The more swivel eyed and loonish of the Tories that are UKIP, are on the march and look as if they will make the progress of ISIS look like the amblings of a tortoise with three broken legs......

Oh! ..... And a 'minister' has let slip that he thinks that less able bodied citizen should be allowed to work for two quid an hour as it makes 'business sense'!!!!!!!!

Apparently the facts that a book he had written earlier, describing his career in the city, has been described as "morally ambiguous". Whilst working in the City of London he was called by a colleague the "Fraud Squad" because of his ability to "heavily promote new share issues that subsequently tanked' ......................... were NOT considered, ...... by our politicos who employed him, ....... as worthy of note!

By the bye! The Deputy Speaker was ........ as is usual in these matters, ....... found 'NOT GUILTY!'....... but even the most rabid of those in Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle have baulked, somewhat, has having him as parliamentary 'front man' ........ and  have even been somewhat shy of suggesting that he be booted 'upstairs' into the STILL COMPLETELY UNELECTED House of Much Fiddling-Beneath-The-Ermine!

Oh! And one of the parliamentary scrotes who voted for the 'bill' to hide evidence of widespread fraud by politicians....... has been mouthing off again! T'was a bit of a surprise because most FULL taxpaying citizen voters had just assumed he had been sent to an official residence with 'HMP....' somewhere in its postal address!

Nothing has been done  about the tax dodging of large corporations who still insist that they make NO profit in the UK and therefore pay peanuts in UK taxes and Osborn Minimus has come up with his latest 'wheeze' which is to make the poor and the vulnerable pay for their 'benefits'!

OOOOOPs! Nearly forgot! The 10% pay increase for the scrotes in Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle, ..... in these times of ........ 'Austerity!' ........ 'Belt tightening!' ....... and 'All In This Together!' is STILL on track for implementation in 2015 .................. AFTER the Plebs/The Sheeple/Votingham have 'elected' the usual suspects .................... AGAIN ....... and probably just BEFORE the people responsible for insisting on the increase are themselves booted up to Much Fiddling-Beneath-The Ermine!

As I said at the beginning of this post .......

' as usual down at Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle and the neighbouring hamlet of Much Fiddling-Beneath-The Ermine in our particular banana republic! .....'

I humbly ............... suggest!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Fraudsters' Parliament! -The Sequel! - (Bribes Optional!)  ...... 64

Got a reply from the Tory Policy Research Unit Ltd re; My recent request from information on the names of MPs ! No data yet, ..... just a polite fob off............ !

But  ....... 'Constant Tapping Cracks the Stone!'

I humbly ....................... suggest!


Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Fraudsters' Parliament - The Sequel! (Bribes Optional!) 63

Life after the Conway Scandal and it's aftermath!

Have the politicians learned anything?

Let's check the papers!

Ho Hum!

A number of those involved in the Atlantic Bridge Tax Dodging 'Educational' Charity (yes! The one that had its 'charitable status' withdrawn by the Charity Commission!) are NOW to be found sitting around the Tory dominated  Cabinet table at the head of our particular banana republic!

Only today yet ANOTHER Tory politician was found to be on the payroll of an 'interested party' who paid him ALMOST the same as his parliamentary salary as a 'consultant'!

Yes! I know it looks, ..... to me and you, .........  like a bribe to ask the 'right' questions! But we are merely full taxpaying citizen voters, not privy to the heady and somewhat strange view of 'political ethics' that predominate in Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle and the neighbouring hamlet of Much Fiddling-Beneath-The-Ermine!

By the bye!

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle is currently facing several charges of rape and sexual assault!!!!!!

Hands up all those thinking .....'We DO appear to be living in a banana republic!'!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fraudsters' Parliament (and its sucessor) 61

I have been reading 'How to be an MP' by Paul Flynn on my Kindle. It gives some insight to the workings of parliament which are not normally seen by the 'sheeple' or , as he calls us, ... 'Votingham'!

Did ANY taxpaying citizen voter know that we pay (or at least-HAVE paid!) for the upkeep of a rifle range 'deep in the bowels' of Westminster? At the moment I am trying to find out more about this 'necessary' expenditure in these times of 'austerity'!

It may be that there is NO LONGER such a 'facility' but finding information about it is proving less than easy. The nearest I have come is checking out a speech a while back in which Nick Clegg rails at parliament having a rifle range but not  a  Nursery!  I was able to find a mini discussion on a LibDem blog in which someone purpoting to be a civil servant in Westminster had used the range!

Could it be that  ....... since the clampdown on expenses frauds ...... MPs are running 'inservice courses' on bank robbery?:-)

I have just finished reading the chapter on 'Final Steps - How to be Ennobled'

I really liked the first line;-

'The House of Lords is the ideal rest home for the tired, disillusioned or clapped out.'

Personally, I would have added 'VERY expensive taxpayer funded' between 'ideal' and 'rest'!
But you can just call me 'picky'!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Fraudsters' Parliament (and its successor)! No 60!

Rather a bit of a BIG fuss over non payment of taxes by individuals at the moment! Everyone in any position of power is making sure that absolutely NO-ONE asks how many politicians are at this!!!!

It has been a good day to bury bad news! Apparently  a plan for minsiters to publish THEIR tax returns has been kicked into the long grass.   Any ideas why! ....... or should the question be ....'Anyone any idea HOW many politicians have been at this tax avoidance lark and doing their best to make sure it goes un-noticed? Bit like the early stages of the expenses frauds in the last Fraudsters' Parliament ............ I would humbly suggest!

Friday, 29 October 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 59!

I am back in business! Thanks to the A and E team in Cornwall who confirmed the detached retina in my left eye back in July and the surgical team at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral, who drilled a number of holes into my eye, inserted the pincers and the laser and welded the retina back in place!
Thanks also to my daughter, Juliet, who drove me to the hospital in Cornwall and then continued on a seven hour drive back to the Wirral! Thanks also to her fiance, Neil! Sorry I spoiled the engagement week!

Thanks especially to my wife, Tina, who has looked after me and nursed me back to health ....... again!

Now.... where have that shower in The Fraudsters' Parliament been hiding in my absence, .... what have they been up to ..... and are the judicial representatives in this country still playing the Three Wise Monkeys and seeing no fraud, hearing about no fraud and speaking about no fraud in relation to MPs?

Check out thiis article in The Guardian from a while ago .......:

And those rogues really thought that it would all blow over!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament! - 58

Check out the link below for the latest 'wheeze' by MPs to part the taxpaying citizen voter in the UK from their hard earned money!

It's easy really!

Invent a rule which states that if a debate lasts longer than 1.00a.m. any MP, (including those with second homes nearby!) any MP gets £130+ !!

Then toddle off the the taxpaying citizen subsided bar and get drunk!

The stagger back to the House of Cons as late as possible ensuring that the debate is delayed as long as possible!

(Optional) Slur speech and any questions to drag out the debate as long as possible! (Don't want the hardworking taxpaying citizen voter to spot the con, do we? HIC!)

Trouser the proceeds!

The Sheeple will never spot it!


Check out the story by clicking on the link below to take you to a Telegraph article;-

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? - 57

They are at it again!!!!!!!

Trying to rubbish IPSA!

Trying to claim 'it is all too too much!!!'

Trying to get their snouts back in the trough while the taxpaying citizen voters of the UK have to tighten their belts and endure a reduction in services!

Back to the old tagline for the Fraudsters' Parliament:-

'Citizens Burn While MPs Fiddle!'

UK MPs are trying once again to get their noses in the trough and fiddletaxpayers' monies.

Check the link:-

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? - 56

Those nice folks in New Zealand continue to have problems with their MPs and one or two dubious expenses! - It's nice, in a way, to know that it is not JUST our lot who can't be trusted! The difference is that, in New Zealand, at least one politician is trying to do something about it! Surprise! Surprise! He is having problems from other politicians! One of the politicians in the New Zealand parliament had, according to one comment left for the article, been in the UK parliament for two years!!! - If this is true ........ enough said!!

I picked up this article on the website. As usual, I felt the need to leave a comment!

Read the artice by clicking on the link below:-

Meanwhile....................... back at the ranch in the UK..................... one of those from the Fraudsters' Parliament is trying to sue The Telegraph for defamation! ....... Wait for it! ..... he is claiming that, because of  a Telegraph story concerning  the MPs' fiddles.... OOOPs!.... I mean the MPs' expenses story...., his 'reputation' has been;-

'..gravely injured, and that he has been embarrassed and upset, and been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt.'

Public scandal!.................  Odium! ............................. Contempt!.......................

Should not, then, ever single MP in The Fraudsters' Parliament be suing at least 3-400 other MPs in that once august body for their actions since said actions have led to  .....Public scandal!................. Odium! ............................. Contempt!.......................?

And what about that wicked individual (whoever he is!) who has suggested that the definition of The Fraudsters' Parliament could (allegedly) be:-

The largest single concentration of shysters, con artists and fraudsters this side of prison bars!'

Find out more about the article by clicking on the link below which will take you to the appropriate page in the website. (Please note: for some reason,  unknown to man nor beast , there is a lot of blank space at the top of the page for this article! Just scroll down the page and you will find the headline and the article!)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 55

Check out the latest from Mark Darcy's blog on the rantings of those MPs who are trying to neuter IPSA and thus get their fingers back in the till and their seats reserved back on the parliamentary gravy train?....

Am I just a little cynical about their breast beating, tearing out of hair etc.... etc .... etc..... relating to the bogeypersons at IPSA? ('Bogeypersons' - how PC is that?)