Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament! - 58

Check out the link below for the latest 'wheeze' by MPs to part the taxpaying citizen voter in the UK from their hard earned money!

It's easy really!

Invent a rule which states that if a debate lasts longer than 1.00a.m. any MP, (including those with second homes nearby!) any MP gets £130+ !!

Then toddle off the the taxpaying citizen subsided bar and get drunk!

The stagger back to the House of Cons as late as possible ensuring that the debate is delayed as long as possible!

(Optional) Slur speech and any questions to drag out the debate as long as possible! (Don't want the hardworking taxpaying citizen voter to spot the con, do we? HIC!)

Trouser the proceeds!

The Sheeple will never spot it!


Check out the story by clicking on the link below to take you to a Telegraph article;-

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? - 57

They are at it again!!!!!!!

Trying to rubbish IPSA!

Trying to claim 'it is all too too much!!!'

Trying to get their snouts back in the trough while the taxpaying citizen voters of the UK have to tighten their belts and endure a reduction in services!

Back to the old tagline for the Fraudsters' Parliament:-

'Citizens Burn While MPs Fiddle!'

UK MPs are trying once again to get their noses in the trough and fiddletaxpayers' monies.

Check the link:-