Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? -49

Notice the slight change in post title for this post? I decided to cast aside my normal somewhat cynical approach to politicians in the UK Parliament (Having difficulty now using the pronoun 'my'!) in view of the new governement.

Who am I to assume that any consignment of fraudsters and thieves (many of whom managed to hold onto the seats and are still in parliament) cannot have a 'road to Dasmascus' moment and vow meaningfully never again to steal a single penny piece from the taxpaying citizens of the UK?

In this heady atmosphere of bonhommie and general backslapping (makes a change from back stabbing!) I have only five questions;-
1). What news of the 'minnows' and their trial?
2). What news of of IPSA?
3). Anyone know where we misplaced the Fraud Act?
4). Any idea if the new Prime Minister and the new Chancellor will be claiming for a second (or third) home to be near parliament... now that we also pay for them to stay in Downing Street and one or two other 'grace and favour homes'?
5). When will we, the taxpaying citizen voters of the UK, hear the slamming of cell doors behind ALL those politicians who have stolen public monies?

News from Canada!

Those nice people the Canadians are having trouble getting information on the fiddles practised by their MPs...... OOOps! I done it again.... I mean the expenses details of their MPs!

Nothing to worry about though.... Their MPs assert that all is well and therefore there is no need for an independent audit!..... Sounds familiar?

Check out an artice by clicking on the link below;-

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 48

I haved just picked up on a story in The Telegraph which may be of interest.
If the article is correct, the Wikipedia entries for a number of MPs (upto 10 so far) have been altered to erase any reference to their expenses claims plus one or two 'inconvenient' pieces of information.
One Chris Grayling, expecting to be our new Home Secretary, is one of them. Is there something in the job decscription for the Home Secretary of our banana republic which states that any candidate NEEDS to be willing to fiddle taxpayers' money?

Nothing unusual in the alteration of a Wikipedia entry.... they are editable by their very nature...... it is just that the IP addresses of the computers used to change some of the entries suggest that parliamentary computer was used!

Read the aricle by clicking on the link below;-

As my old Irish Uncle used to say.... "Sure 'tis a miracle!"

Alleged Fraudster to  Squeaky Clean Politician with a few key strokes on a keyboard!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament-47

In an earlier post (The Fraudsters' Parliament-44) I suggested that a banana republic could be defined using a number of criteria applicable to the current political system in the UK!

1). Large scale plundering of taxpayers' monies by those in political power!

2). Politicians feel free to sell their influence to the highest bidder as 'cabs for hire'!

3) A judicial system which is 'bent' in favour of any politician caught with his/her hand in the till.( No charges to be brought, if at all possible with a bunch of cronies claiming to be 'dealing' with any potentially criminal activity! ....... if that doesn't work, only a sample of politically unimportant patsies to be charged.... and even for them, nothing that would suggest parity with a taxpaying citizen such as standing in the dock , for example!)

4). Legislation , such as THE FRAUD ACT 2006, which applies to all citizens but is 'mysteriously' disapplied to any member of the political class caught breaking the law!

We can now add another feature which was identified during the last election:-

5). Citizens prevented from gaining access to the place of voting and/or the voting procedure!

As my two children used to say on long car journeys............'Are we THERE yet?