Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fraudsters' Parliament (and its sucessor) 61

I have been reading 'How to be an MP' by Paul Flynn on my Kindle. It gives some insight to the workings of parliament which are not normally seen by the 'sheeple' or , as he calls us, ... 'Votingham'!

Did ANY taxpaying citizen voter know that we pay (or at least-HAVE paid!) for the upkeep of a rifle range 'deep in the bowels' of Westminster? At the moment I am trying to find out more about this 'necessary' expenditure in these times of 'austerity'!

It may be that there is NO LONGER such a 'facility' but finding information about it is proving less than easy. The nearest I have come is checking out a speech a while back in which Nick Clegg rails at parliament having a rifle range but not  a  Nursery!  I was able to find a mini discussion on a LibDem blog in which someone purpoting to be a civil servant in Westminster had used the range!

Could it be that  ....... since the clampdown on expenses frauds ...... MPs are running 'inservice courses' on bank robbery?:-)

I have just finished reading the chapter on 'Final Steps - How to be Ennobled'

I really liked the first line;-

'The House of Lords is the ideal rest home for the tired, disillusioned or clapped out.'

Personally, I would have added 'VERY expensive taxpayer funded' between 'ideal' and 'rest'!
But you can just call me 'picky'!

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