Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Fraudsters' Parliament - The Sequel! (Bribes Optional!) 63

Life after the Conway Scandal and it's aftermath!

Have the politicians learned anything?

Let's check the papers!

Ho Hum!

A number of those involved in the Atlantic Bridge Tax Dodging 'Educational' Charity (yes! The one that had its 'charitable status' withdrawn by the Charity Commission!) are NOW to be found sitting around the Tory dominated  Cabinet table at the head of our particular banana republic!

Only today yet ANOTHER Tory politician was found to be on the payroll of an 'interested party' who paid him ALMOST the same as his parliamentary salary as a 'consultant'!

Yes! I know it looks, ..... to me and you, .........  like a bribe to ask the 'right' questions! But we are merely full taxpaying citizen voters, not privy to the heady and somewhat strange view of 'political ethics' that predominate in Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle and the neighbouring hamlet of Much Fiddling-Beneath-The-Ermine!

By the bye!

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Westmidden-Upon-The-Fiddle is currently facing several charges of rape and sexual assault!!!!!!

Hands up all those thinking .....'We DO appear to be living in a banana republic!'!!!!!!!!

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