Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 21

I have just read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal re: the MPs' expenses scandal. You will find the article at the address below;-

I couldn't help but make a comment in their comments section! I don't know if it will appear on their online edition! The web address of the comments section for this article can be accessed from the article or directly from the link below;-

I have quite a busy day today. I don't have £40000 of public money to pay my lovely wife to do my admin, you see!  I am a simple taxpaying citizen voter and so don't accept bribes....Ooooop! ... donations from lobby groups! I aim to get  the details of the repayments claimed from the Member's Estimates Committee, as promised in my last post, this evening.
Now, ..... let's be fair..... that is  IF any of them have 'erroneously' overclaimed and pocketed my, and yours, tax revenues!

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