Monday, 1 February 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 16

Had an email from the Sydney Morning Herald today!
They have agreed to me having a link on the blog so that readers can access any articles in that newspaper's online edition. I note that the latest parliamentary body tasked with overseeing MPs' expenses and remuneration claim to be comparing  the USA and Australian systems with the UK!.
This new link will to The Sydney Morning Herald will, at least, give any reader of my blog the chance to see how the fraudulent claims by MPs are reported in the Australian newspapers.

If  you are interested how the expenses scandal is being reported in an Australian newspaper, click on the link above and, when the online edition of the Sydney Morning Herald appears, type in MPs' expenses in the search box. keep visiting for the forthccoming updates on the MPs' expenses scandal which refuses to go away!

I hope to receive the OK from a leading US newspaper so that we can see how the scandal is being reported in US newspapers in the run up to the long awaited General Election.... hopeffully a 'disinfecting' General Election which sees the removal of all those in parliament and their cronies who have been involved in the fraudulent claiming of vast amounts of taxpayers' monies!

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