Monday, 1 March 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 29

The local independent candidate asked to put my email thanking him for his leaflet on his website together with a link to my blog!...... and after I agreed... he did it!   Is this a politician who delivers what he promises?

A short time after I arrived home from work tonight the door bell rang! It was a very personable Conservative candidate trying to transform the ire felt by taxpaying citizen voters into votes for the Conservative Party! ... Talk about trying to transform water into wine! -this guy has an uphill struggle!

Part of the fallout from the expenses scandal is the blighting of the careers of young would-be candidates affiliated to the major parties, who will be deprived of a chance to improve the lives of UK citizens by the dishonesty of those in this Fraudsters' Parliament!

I explained that I would not be voting for any of the major parties, but will be voting for an independent candidate at the next election. The look on his face suggested that it was a message that he had heard from others in the street! I spared him from my usual tirade about 'The Fraudsters' Parliament'! I must be getting soft in my old age!

What a task this chap had!... trying to drum up support for the Conservatives on the day when the truth about The Conservative Party Chairperson's 'non-dom' status is forced into the public arena after a Freedom of Information Tribunal ruling! It is obviously business as usual at main party headquarters! They really have learned not a jot about winning the taxpaying citizen voters trust!

But don't worry! Mr  Cameron is glad Ashcroft has 'decided' to confirm his tax status! Oh Yes! He was really going to do this.... EVEN if he was not being forced to do it.... ten years after promising to do it upon being given a peerage!!!!!  They really do still believe that we will swallow this pigswill .... sorry...information!

Just why has it taken the Tories a decade to get this information into the public arena? ..... and when will the Labour Party clear up its own cluster of non-doms! I only ask as a taxpaying citizen voter of the UK!

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