Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament -36

I read an article in The Guardian today. I couldn't help but comment!

This is the text of my comment;-

Re: ' ... the scandal over MPs' expenses is just the tip of an iceberg and shows that a culture of entitlement has developed in Westminster..'

Are you not being rather polite here? Instead of the term 'culture of entitlement', I ( a mere FULL taxpaying citizen voter!) would have used the more accurate 'propensity to commit fraud'!

To read the article for yourself please click on the link below;-

Re: 'Only then will we truly have a clean break from the past.'

Again, speaking as a taxpaying citizen voter, the full and proper break with the past will only come AFTER I have heard the slamming of cell doors behind ALL in this Fraudsters' Parliament who have stolen public monies irrespective of political party or seniority within that party!

Why has the Fraud Act 2006 apparently been suspended in respect to the frauds committed by MPs and their cronies?

Now..... if they had not stolen tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money ... but tried to sell a goldfish to someone under 18, we could have expected the full force of the law to have swung into action!!

Remind me....Exactly which banana republic am I a citizen of?'

To read the article for yourself please click on the link below:-

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