Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fraudsters' Parliament - 8

I have just read an article on The Herald/Sunday Herald website relating to Alistair Darling resigning from from Scotland’s most prestigious legal body after it started an inquiry into his conduct surrounding his expenses as an MP!

You can read the article on the online version of the newspaper at the link below;

The link direct to the article is;

This paper has an online comment facility. It is necessary to register, confirm a regisration e-mail sent to your email box and then login.

I sent a comment in but there does not appear to be a confirmation system so I am not sure if my comment got through! ..... There was nothing new in the comment..... just the same statement followed by the same question! I have had problems including the text of my comment in this post so will try to include it in my next post. The comment is copyright free so feel free to cut and paste it into any bona fide letter.

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