Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament -14

I checked my email this morning. Someone had commented on my comment on the online edition of The Independent. The article was about another ......... yes......yet another....... MP who had been caught with his fingers in the till!

Someone had taken the time to comment on my comment! Thank you, 'maalliii', whoever and wherever you are, for taking the time to read and comment on my musings!

The article can be found at the link below. You will need to scroll down the list of comments below the article;-

There was an earlier article in the same newspaper where one reader came up with a fantastic tagline which, I would imagine, just about sums  up many taxpaying citizen voters' views at the moment;-

'Corruption runs through Westminster like the lettering in Blackpool rock!'

Nice one, notsonobleserf, whoever and wherever you are!

You can read this article and the comments made about it at:-

If you have time, feel free to comment on their article. You will need to signup first but the process is an easy one.

And, of course, feel free to comment on any post on this blog!

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