Monday, 11 January 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 10

Now that we are pre-occupied with political events in Northern Ireland, the bad weather at home, temporary school closures, ungritted roads, etc., etc., etc., has anyone noticed that the public consultation  deadline details for the attempted 'watering down' of the Kelly Report on MPs' expenses have been announced with all the noise, pomp and razzamataz of a solitary ant tiptoeing past a mechanical digger at full throttle!!

You haven't? ..... Don't worry! We are getting used, in our so called democracy, to having bad news (for politicians) being slipped out or buried at a time of bad news!

The deadline for public consultation is approaching rapidly!

We the taxpaying citizen voters of  the UK have a number of choices;

a). Do nothing and allow those in this parliament who have merrily trousered taxpayers' cash  to continue to do so  ( I call this the 'politicians preferred option'!).

b). Register our feelings (and demand appropriate action against those guilty of misappropriation of public monies with an insistence that the fiddling stops) online at the IPSA consultaion site where the 'powers that be' (The 'crooks' to you and me!) have allowed us, the 'sheeple', to view an 'edited' version of the proposals with a restricted comment facility!

c). Register our feelings by commenting on the full proposals in writing, demanding that the Fraud Act 2006 be used against those who have misappropriated taxpayers' monies and demanding that all self enrichment be stopped!

Or am I just growing cynical in my advancing years!!

The address of the IPSA consultation site is;

Is it just my old eyes but do the 'new' proposals seem to be a sseveral steps backward  from the Kelly proposals?

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