Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fraudsters' Parliament -11

I met a couple of nice people at a party last evening...... discussion got round to politics... as it does!

This morning I checked  out my blog and noticed that it was lacking a little culture! Searched the web... as you do.... and found a lovely little song on YouTube .... yes it is dedicated to the MPs' expenses scandal!

Check it out on the link below;


Also have a look at this gag reel of MPs' expenses excuses.... also found on Youtube;

Now for some more serious stuff! I had a look at Wikipaedia and found this information on The Fraud Act 2006. Look particularly at Sections 2-4 ('Fraud by false representation', 'Fraud by failing to disclose information' and 'Fraud by abuse of position');-

The link on the explanatory notes relating to the Act is rather interesting. I am no legal expert, but could not these notes have been written specifically to deal with MPs who make fraudulent expenses and other claims?

Check it out:-

I ask the question that does not appear to have been asked anywhere in the corridors of power;

Why have we, the taxpaying citizen voters of the UK, not heard the slamming of cell doors behind a not inconsiderable number of MPs in this Fraudsters' Parliament?

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