Friday, 22 January 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 13

Friday 22nd  January 2009

I have just put down the telephone! A young and very earnest party worker is obviously phoning around the constituency  prior to the removal of large numbers of MPs in the next election.

Note: to local party managers of all the major political parties!

1). Whose idea was it to train your party activists to phone around at the end of a long working week....... on a Friday evening? ...... at 8:00p.m?

 Only in that Cloud Cuckoo Land that is this Fraudsters' Parliament would that seem a good way of contacting would-be electors!

2). Whose idea was it to then ask the important question :-

"And what do you think is the most important question in British Politics today?"

"It's funny you should ask me that........!" was my initial reply........followed by;

"My particular concern is, and has been since the Conway Case hit the headlines, the fact that something well in excess of fifty MPs in what has become known as 'This Fraudster's Parliament', have fallen foul of Sections 2-4 of The Fraud Act 2006!......... should be serving time in gaol of between 1 and 10 years......... fulfils several of the factors for prosecution outlined in the current Crown Prosecution Service Manual of Prosecution........... etc..... etc.... etc!"

(nervous silence from the other end of the phone.....!)

"Yes....!.   Yes!......." is the tentative response when I pause for breath! "The problem with expenses has been a concern!...."

"Problem with expenses!"  I interrupt, "Do you mean the wide-scale theft of public monies by those in this Fraudster's Parliament?!"

At which point I am asked,  "So you will not be voting in the next general election?"

"You misunderstand!" I immediately reply....."I will MOST certainly be voting! I am a taxpaying citizen voter of the UK!.......... I just won't be voting for anyone in the Labour or Conservative Parties! The jury is still out re: the Lib Dems..... Although it is safe to assume, at this stage, that I will be voting for an independent!"

At which point we wished each other mutual best wishes and hung up!

I am sitting here by the telephone,.... like a hungry cat next to a mouse hole..... waiting for a similar call from the other major parties!!!!!!      Watch this space!


This is not really the 'best' picture to go with this article!! For one thing the cat does not have a beard!........ or spectacles..... and there is no sign of a mouse residence!!
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