Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 53

The BBC's Mark Darcy has been taking my name in vain! He writes about what goes on in the chambers and committee rooms at Westminster. NO!..... It is not ALL about fiddling expenses, you know!

 I commented on one of his blog entries about MPs moaning that IPSA are apparently delaying MPs from getting their fingers back in the till. He read the comment and later referred to it in a post!

Check out his BBC blog below. Better be quick! The BBC comments section is reactively moderated so as soon as some MP, of some MP's crony, complains about me using words such as 'Fraudsters' and 'Parliament', my comment will probably be removed!

They're a bit touchy down at the old BBC about MPs being referred to in such terms, so I left an apology to the moderators at the BBC within the post. It doesn't cost to be polite, after all!


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