Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? - 52

Up to their old tricks?!?

Apparently the Director of IPSA is leaving early because of the stress caused by MPs who reason that - now that the dust has died down re: MPs' expenses' frauds - they should be allowed to throw out the new regulatory system and get down to ssome serious 'hand in the till' fiddles!!

Read the story from a blog on the online version of the New Statesman by clicking on the link below;-

'Why else does one con the 'sheeple' into voting for one in an election? Would do the these taxpaying citizen voters  expect - some sort of public service!'

'Are the sheeple SO stupid that they have not learned why WE go into politics!'

As you know, if you have read the 'about me' bit of this blog, I am a teacher in the real world!

Some sums!-

646 (The number of MPs in the last Fraudsters' Parliament)    MINUS 226 (The number of 'new' MPs less a number of previous lobbyists, party lackies, party clones, party official etc. who cannot really be said to have known nothing of the parliamentary frauds) EQUALS 420 (MPs who somehow survived - all power to their 'conning' credentials - from the old Fraudsters' Parliament still in Westminster)
Thus the probabability that the new parliament will morph into The Fraudsters' Parliament - Part Deux exceeds 50%!


Heather Brooke has won another award! This time it is the IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) Awards in the USA. She has been awarded a medal in the Freedom of Information Section - rightly deserved too is the opinion of this taxpaying citizen voter! No mention of course in the recent UK honours announcements ....... I wonder why?

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