Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament? - 51

Found an article in the Independent newspaper's archive. It gives an account of the treatment of Elizabeth Filkin, the parliamentary official who was turfed out of the House of Fraudsters for trying ..... too hard.... to curb the fraudulent actions of MPs! This article names one or two of those who might (allegedly) have been behind the putsch to get rid of her.  I wonder how many of THEM should now be behind bars for stealing taxpayers' monies? I will try to do a little digging to see if I can find the minutes of any meetings etc. or was it all 'knife in the back' stuff with no records kept!

Three questions come to mind.

1). Wouldn't it be interesting to check out some of the names of those involved with her removal  with the list of those who were discovered to have been stealing taxpayers' monies?

2).Is it not time for her heroic attempts to clean up the fraudulent practices of MPs to be recognised?

3). Is it not time for those who removed this lady so that that they, their families and their cronies could carry on stealing taxpayers' monies had their reputations rubbished?

Check out the article in the Independent's archive  by clicking on the link below:-

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