Saturday, 3 April 2010

This Fraudsters' Parliament - 38

RE: 'I do not accept that I 'fiddled' my expenses. I believed that I was entitled to make the claims because of what I had been told by the chief whip and other peers. '

The speaker was a member of the House of Lords explaining how he had pocketed taxpayers' monies for overnight stays in London wheen he was at home! There will be no charges brought  'through lack of evidence'!

Let's make a drama out of the expenses crisis!


Scene: Any Crown Court in the land

Dramatis Personae: Any FULL taxpaying citizen voter (defendant), Judge, CPS official, Senior police officer, Pet shop Owner

Taxpayer: (Looking sheepish in a slightly practised sort of way) I admit I robbed the bank, your honour, but my mates and other cronies down the pub explained that it was alright because, at some time in the future, and taking into account my state of good health, that over the next fifty years or so, I MIGHT have made enough deposits into said bank to cover the 'withdrawal'. They also explained that the sawn off shotgun and rather fetching ladies stocking could merely be defined as 'fashion accessories!

Representative of the CPS: That sounds fine to me M'Lud! I mean.... we don't have any REAL evidence he meant to rob the bank!.... and his mates and cronies did give him permission!

Senior Police Officer: I agree, M'Lud!  (Thinks: Now about the recommendation for a knighthood I was promised!... The missus will be pleased!)

Judge: Well... That's alright, then! Just say sorry and that will be fine! ..(Don't forget you owe me a favour, Archie!!'... You pay for the next round at the golf club!)

Judge: Next case!....

(Enter Pet Shop Owner)

Judge: Ahh! Yes! This disgraceful case of  the scoundrel selling a goldfish to an under 16 year old! ........


One piece of good news:- I received my copy of  'The Silent State' by Heather Brooke.

Now.... let me see ......... what else don't they want me to find out!

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