Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 44

I don't know if there is an official way of determining what it is that determines whether a state is a 'banana republic!

I would, however, suggest that the following 'benchmarks' might help in the definition;-

1). Large scale plundering of taxpayers' monies by those in political power!

2). Politicians feel free to sell their influence to the highest bidder as 'cabs for hire'!

3) A judicial system which is 'bent' in favour of any politician caught with his/her hand in the till.( No charges to be brought, if at all possible with a bunch of cronies claiming to be 'dealing' with any potentially criminal activity! ....... if that doesn't work, only a sample of politically unimportant patsies to be charged.... and even for them, nothing that would suggest parity with a taxpaying citizen such as standing in the dock , for example!)

4). Legislation , such as THE FRAUD ACT 2006, which applies to all citizens but is 'mysteriously' disapplied to any member of the political class caught breaking the law!

As my two children used to say on long car journeys............'Are we THERE yet?'

Someone is following my blog! Thank you.... whoever you are!

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