Friday, 18 December 2009

The Fraudsters' Parliament - 4

I was determined not to let the matter rest. On the 11th March 2008 I sent off a request for further information to the Committee on Standards and Privileges at the House of Commons. I still wasn't particular good at this! I would compose these letters when I had finished other work at home and often late in the evening.
I had also decided to have some sort of recorded delivery of these letters--- not only had MPs misappropriated taxpayers' monies, it was now costing me money to bring it to someone's attention. Note also that only a vague reference is made yet to the Freedom of Information Act!
The text of my letter was;

Committee on Standards and Privileges
House of Commons

11th March 2008

Subject: Alleged embezzlement of public funds by an MP

Dear Sir/Madam,
As a tax paying UK citizen, I note that no official request for a police investigation has been made by parliamentary authorities into the recent alleged embezzlement of public funds by an MP.

I note that a recent request for clarification from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner has not resulted in a request, by parliamentary authorities, for a police investigation by any police authority.

As a tax paying citizen, I have today made a formal request that such a police investigation into this matter be initiated.

I am requesting any information, minutes of any meetings etc. relating to the decision not to request a police investigation into this matter under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act(s).

Yours faithfully,

John L. Bell

It was at this time that I opened a folder on my computer entitled 'Parliamentary Embezzlement'.

I did not realise then how full this folder was to become!

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